What to blog

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi guys,

I am in an unsual place today. I have been asked to contribute a blog to the Astro blog. It could be anything under the sun, excepting not anything under the sun makes for interesting reading.

Now I am not into politics and I am certainly not abreast of the disasters happening, all around us.  I follow Gandhiji’s dictum of “DONT SPEAK, HEAR OR SEE EVIL”, which rules out most the stuff which makes this world interesting – some would say.

I don’t watch horror movies, nor will I make them. However, I do have a show on air called Aalia which is telecast on Astro, Prima 9PM monday – thursday. The other serials which I have produced and which are now doing the repeat rounds are Katrina Kamelia, Senja Permia, Di bawah ketiak istri, Qalesya, etc.

Qalesya season 2, by the way, begins from 9th August, 9Pm at Astro Prima. I think the world of Qalesya which is a well crafted entertaining drama featuring some of the most amazing kids I have worked with and my expectations are pretty high for it.

The management class I lectured the other day about our activities was pretty interesting too. Maybe I could blog on that, unless you guys have different ideas.

Do, please do let me know, what to blog….




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