What to blog

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi guys,

I am in an unsual place today. I have been asked to contribute a blog to the Astro blog. It could be anything under the sun, excepting not anything under the sun makes for interesting reading.

Now¬†I am not into politics and¬†I am certainly not abreast of the disasters happening, all around us.¬† I follow Gandhiji’s dictum of “DONT SPEAK, HEAR OR SEE EVIL”, which rules out most the stuff which makes this world interesting –¬†some would say.

I don’t watch horror movies, nor will¬†I make them. However, I do have a show on air called Aalia¬†which is telecast on Astro, Prima 9PM monday – thursday. The other serials which I have produced and which are now doing the repeat rounds are Katrina Kamelia, Senja¬†Permia, Di bawah¬†ketiak¬†istri, Qalesya, etc.

Qalesya season 2, by the way, begins from 9th August, 9Pm at Astro Prima. I think the world of Qalesya which is a well crafted entertaining drama featuring some of the most amazing kids I have worked with and my expectations are pretty high for it.

The management class I lectured the other day about our activities was pretty interesting too. Maybe I could blog on that, unless you guys have different ideas.

Do, please do let me know, what to blog….




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