Posted: July 27, 2010 in Ramadhan Series

Hey folks!

It’s that time of the year again, when we pray, fast, forgive and spend time in quiet contemplation.  It is Ramadan – bulan puasa, bulan suci….. and for us makers of TV soaps, it’s time to focus on  good wholesome family entertainment.

So after a successful first run, here comes QALESYA2, a heartwarming feel good story which had the viewers in its grip last Ramadan.

QALESYA as you know is the story of a young innocent beautiful poor 14 year old who is entered into a religious school, because of her parent’s inability to fund her education.

Being of religious, pious bent of mind, QALESYA relishes studying there, excepting quite a few mean girls harass her for enrolling without paying fees.

Muhammad (14) who always dreamt of being a rock star, is the odd one out at the religious school. Born to rich parents, who indulged his every whim, his wayward ways force his parents to send him to the religious school so that he may imbibe the wisdom of Al Quran and reform.

Sadat, a gangster’s son has his sights set on outdoing his dad. But his mother would have none of it and sends him to religious school in the hope that he will mend his ways.

Mustafa is ambitious of becoming a preacher and preaches at every given opportunity, much to the embarrassment of his friends and even his father. If he doesn’t have somebody to preach to, he will speak his sermons to the cattle, to any animal domestic or wild.

Comel loves food to distraction and has the girth to show for it.

How this motley group of people with different backdrops, interact and imbibe the religious teachings and thereby become better human beings, is what QALESYA is all about.

And guys, it’s treated in a light hearted funny manner, guaranteed to raise, more than a few laughs. So lighten up and be prepared for some good clean entertainment.

We will see you at Astro Prima,  Mondays  through Thursdays, 2100 hrs  from 9th August onwards.

Happy viewing and Selamet berpuasa !!



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