Devraj is a fun loving, Pro Nature, Adventure Seeking Farmer, Film maker & Copy writer. He writes, directs and produces TV serials, TV films, Feature Films, documentaries, Corporate films, Ad films, etc. He loves to spend time with his family, travel to exotic places, experience different cultures, taste various cuisine, etc

Devraj has at various times donned the hats of The Director, Creative Director, Head of Programming, Head of Production, Writer & Executive Producer since May 1989. He has directed all genre of programming right from weekly serials to daily soaps, to magazine format programs, to multi camera set up dramas, corporate films, films for television, live TV programs, Commercials, etc. 

He was the Programming Head of ETC (Entertainment Television Company) -a Hindi music channel, launching the channel in December 1999. He has also worked in Doordarshan (Ahmedabad), India’s national TV network, in Plus channel (Mumbai), Multivision Plus (Jakarta) and Nusantara Seni Karya (Kuala Lumpur).

At Nusantara Seni Karya Sdn Bhd – a Malaysian Film & Television Production Company he produced Block Buster Hits like AWAN DANIA (3 seasons), QALEYSA (2 seasons), DI BAWA KETIAK ISTRI  (2 seasons),  EMBUN TERBAKAR, SENJA PERMAI(68 episodes), AALIA(68 episodes), TIARA, BISIKAN SAITAN, JAMILAH I LOVE YOU,  etc.

Later on as CEO of Nusantara Seni Karya, he led from the front, envisaging trends, developing concepts which appealed to the local market, ensuring an even better 65 to 60% cost of production, increasing ROI.

Under his charge NSK shot 3 feature films entitled PAKU directed by P Ramesh, SENTUHAN MALAM PERTAMA directed by Murali Abdullah and SUNTI@FACEBOOK directed by James Lee.

PAKU by the way, was the top performing film from Malaysia in December.

With 29 years of solid TV/Film experience in the challenging markets of Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, he is fluent in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam and reads & speaks Bahasa Melayu and Indonesian to a great extent. Having been responsible for about 5000 hours of TV/Film Content in various capacities, he is open to consultancy offers.

Specialties: TV Direction/Writing/Production, Film Production, Launching/Managing TV channels, Overall Creative/Production Supervision of Dramas, Conceptualizing/Story Boarding/Directing Commercials, Managing Production Houses, etc

  1. devraj says:

    Mostly about Television, films and travel.

  2. Rosdi Md Dali says:

    Please sent me your company email..

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