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Art is never finished, only abandoned – Leonardo da Vinci


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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi


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Life is a game of actions and reactions;

we call it fate and free will.

Whatever happens to you is karma and

the way you react to it is free will.

Free will is your choice and fate is what

the universe brings to you.

Heartening response to PAKU!

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PAKU – a feature film we produced, opened to a good response. Trade pundits put it at the top 5 performing films. with it performing even better than The Conjuring!

Such a heartening response, will encourage us film makers to produce even more.

We have two feature films complete in all respects awaiting a release date – SENTUHAN MALAM PERTAMA directely by Murali Abdullah and SUNTI@FACEBOOK directed by James Lee.

Hoping both of these films in which we expended quite a bit of money, energy and attention will be well received too.

A feel good peom!

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Here’s a feel good poem sent to me by Dr. Robert Anthony!

Most of us think thoughts that resonate with what we hear, see and speak.

This feel good poem should have us headed in the right direction – that of happiness.



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Experiencing Oneness, not intellectual understanding of it, with all beings/things manifest and un-manifest is how I have come to understand Enlightenment.

Am Back!!!

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Dear Friends,
I am back after a long haitius on my own site!
And am I glad to be back!!!!
Chat with you guys later.

Hi again!

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It feels great to be back!

I was in the midst of relocation,  re structuring, re hiring and re furbishing and at long last I am nearing completion.

Thanks to all the support I received.