Copy Writing

Dear Madam/Sir,

As you know, it is easy, if you have the flair for it. But the problem with it is that, it is a solitary engagement. Also it is not what it seems like for, copying is a mortal sin and can put an abrupt end to your career. Like you, we have often wondered why they call it copy-writing.

It is the very anti thesis of being human (social creature) and so, most move on to other people-oriented assignments; the din of silence being too loud to their liking.

The ones who do persist, however make it to the top of the pile and lord it over at Big Ad Agencies, leaving small businesses in the lurch of Interns or Ad agency rejects.

That is the huge void we fill!

If this sounds non sequitur, the verisimilitude of it will paradoxically make it a didactic serendipity of such exasperatingly hopeless eventualities that reciprocally draws in more of such excruciatingly atrocious & nauseating situations detrimentally endowed with a nagging & obnoxious feeling, guaranteed to put you at your rope’s end.

Now if you have even a subliminal aversion to such a vexing situation which makes you see red and drives you up the wall…. Hahaha…. There we go again showing off….

Simply put, we are open for business & freelance suits us best!

We incubate your brief and offer you the emancipated pearl (of wisdom).

Weaving a tapestry of silence which sings above the rest, the glory of your brand or business, we are wordsmiths engaged in the business of writing copy for more than two decades.

Our satisfied clients include builders, developers, hospitals, educational institutions, manufacturers, services, ad agencies, etc.

We do Corporate films, Company Brochures, Business Plans, Blogs, Websites, Sales Letters, Flyers, Product  Descriptions, Invitation Cards, TV serials, Films for TV/Web, etc.

If you want to know how we fleece you, do get in touch at:,

Copy Writer in Malaysia painting symphonies, your exact shade!



A few sample writings we picked for you


At THE TULU – Genuine Warmth & Hospitality is the central theme woven into an eclectic modern day chic industrial ambiance harking back to the Paris of the fashionable 1920s playing to the relishing accompaniment of fine wines, great tasting cocktails and gourmet delights!

Situated in Central Bintulu which plays host to a wide variety of restaurants, hotels and businesses, The Tulu has culinary accomplishments which rival the best of them. Lip-smacking finger food with an Italian Wine Cellar & imaginative tongue-tingling cocktails will satiate even the most discerning fine-dining connoisseur! Our inventive chef’s demonic attention to detail, his penchant for purchasing the very freshest produce himself and mingling with the customers taking feedback results in gastronomical delights fit for a king!

Conceived as a work of art with an eye for detail, The Tulu’s is a cool industrial décor which is a celestial mix of bare bricks & mortar with bronze & brass furnishings – trendy, alluring, sensual and at the same time exuding intimacy and luxury. Well thought out architectural features create a flowing sense of space and impart a contemporary yet timeless feel of tranquility and comfort.  At The Tulu, the bathroom is a room too – with vintage fixtures décor-ed to induce a state of serene calmness and supreme relaxation!

High Speed internet, most modern security systems with CCTV & non-uniformed personnel generate a feeling of well-being, safety and peace. After a hard day’s work, The Tulu is the place to put your legs up and relax! The brilliant display of daring industrial architecture combined with wonderfully crafted food and fine wines & cocktails complimented by an unmatched personalized service is guaranteed to take your breath away. For the business traveler, The Tulu is The Residence – cool, trendy, safe, cozy, in-the-center-of-the-city and great value for money!

Love just got digital!

With the advent of technology, lots of things changed. Is it any surprise Love did too?

Just the other day my Office Colleague Carol received a digital Gift Card with a personalized I Love You message. And coincidentally she received it as she was checking out the violet Jimmy Choo stilettos to go with her new dress.

It doesn’t take much imagination to know how that Gift Card was used, but what she didn’t know was that her BF happened to see her at Jimmy Choo’s. So much for coincidence!

That very handy Cash Gift in his smart mobile helped Andy spontaneously take advantage of a situation and bring a smile on Carol’s face and maybe even cement a place in her heart.

Nothing can beat a personal gift, personally delivered, but Digital Gift Cards are the next best thing! And at the forefront of this huge marketing trend  is QashGift from Designermatic started by swashbuckling entrepreneurs – Ong KY (geek), Joanne Lee – (flair) & Steven Wong (bonding).

Seasoned IT professionals with a decade long experience of raking up top search engines listings for their clients, the trio spotted a Gifting Dilemma which cried out for resolving; and the result, QashGift – Send Gifts Smartly

“We deliver a unique digital solution by innovating a gift platform that makes gift-buying a truly wonderful shopping experience for everyone.”

It’s been a labor of Love and Passion for all three! Ong KY who is a Graduate in mechanical engineering, majored in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. But his passion had him venture into programming, QR solutions and internet of things. Joanne Lee graduated in Product and Industrial Design from QUT Brisbane, where she was trained to prioritize practical usage over aesthetic first which training she brings to bear on QASHGIFT.

Steven Wong brings his 16 years in online marketing, social media and mobile advertising to telling effect to QASHGIFT. He currently is active in digital marketing & consultation for SMI / SME businesses and also an expert in corporate WeChat advertising & marketing platform with plans to move into the digital ‘wallet’ technology.

Earlier retailers only had PPS (price, product, service) to stand out. But in today’s context Price as a strategy is passé with the advent of online giants like AMAZON and retail superstores like Aeon. Products because of the wide variety and easy availability has stopped being a rallying point, which just leaves Service to take the gauntlet and lead sales.

So Designermatic(DM) realized that Digital Gifts cards is a value added service and they furthered that by adding grace, love & passion to the whole exercise. They made ‘digital gifting’ which by all senses sounds counter intuitive into a highly personalized thing.

QashGift also allows you to send personalized voice message and greeting. It’s not an original idea they admit, but it is relatively new to Malaysia.  Companies have realized that it is crucial to adapt to the growth and advancements of technology to enhance customer experience.

Gift purchasing has never been this easy. CashGift is user-friendly, time-saving and a smarter way to purchase gifts for everyone, for every occasion and at anytime!”

Merchants are now able to reach out to a wide global audience rapidly and effortlessly while maintaining customer loyalty. Gifts evoke feelings of worthiness, gratefulness & appreciation and since Gifts are without exception valued items, it is tremendous branding.

If done well, digital does have the power to encompass raw emotion and sentimentality, admits Riaz, a potential merchant owning a premium shoe retail shop. He feels it accords him the opportunity to make a genuine connection between gift giver and receiver and consequently between consumer and merchant.

QashGift simplifies and streamlines the process of giving, receiving, tracking and actually using gift cards. QashGift is an easy way to form more relevant business-consumer relationship while personalizing technology and making it an enjoyable experience.

“Most of the time, my friends don’t ask me what I want. They just buy me what they think I want” says Claire. She ends up not using the gifts. Qadir oftentimes contemplates giving the gift away, but then decides to stock them out of appreciation. He boasts a cupboard of unused gifts! “A red packet always makes me happy no matter what the amount is” admits a very smiley Karen.

It’s apparent that given a choice most people would want to choose their own gifts. Well that’s the breach CashGift fills in says Ong – freedom from the guessing game and no gift ends up in a closet unused!

Come November 15, DM is hoping all roads will lead to Desa Park City where they will hold a super fun whole-day Event launching their exciting QashGift. Embodying the spirit of giving, each person receives a RM 20 reload from QashGift.

DM has engaged an Event Organizer who does things with panache and style, expecting minimum 30,000 downloads. Maybe not Zuckerberg, but the local Facebook Manager is sure to go in a tizzy over the sheer number of shares & likes on that single day, predicts Ong.

Hot dogs, coffee, lucky draws, goody bags, balloons and even a ’try the air wheel’ add a carnival atmosphere to the Big Day.  Press, Radio and TV will spice things up for sure!

Say goodbye to headaches and save time! QashGift packs a big punch both monetary and sentimental. Never miss a gift anymore – giving or receiving. Schedule a CashGift or suggest to a friend he does and receive a handsome referral fee!

As the year comes to a close, the festive season beckons. Hooray it’s holiday time again and it’s a time to care and share. Employers – show your gratitude! Say a thank you for that special help rendered! Give to charity. Give Love. Give for Love! Give CashGifts credits!

Charity can start within yourself. Get the ball rolling. Spend time and laugh with us. Spend time with family. For as low as RM 20, send a token of appreciation. Surprise someone. Corporate & season gifting has been made easy with QashGift’s flexi bulk sending. Reward your staff, make your supplier happy and your customers proud!

QashGift is available in both desktop & mobile versions including android & iOS apps.

For more information, join us in the ‘Go Green & Spread The Love’ awareness fun event at Desa Park City on 15th November or visit !

Open to the public from 10 am to 7 pm and with 2 air wheels to be given away, mingle around in this fun family day outing. You won’t know when the next one will be!

Merchants & retailers that wants to provide QashGift facility to their customer, kindly sign-up at the website or call our hotline number at 03-2035 6606. You may also share what merchants you want to see in QashGift.

Share and enjoy giving user experience of redemption. Share Joy! Share Laughter! Bring a smile to someone’s face! Give to receive! Share QashGifts!


As long you are in business, so are weJoan tells a client and that pretty much sums up Designermatic’s business philosophy.

Web 2.0 has revolutionized the way marketing is done. With the clutter out there, the challenge first is – to be found. We at DM ensure that you are. started off as an office furniture one-man-show in Semenyih but now offers a complete office solution thanks to DM. It ranks 1st page on google for office furniture in KL.– a signage company is another satisfied client pointing to DM for its success because of their featuring on the first page of the google search.

Once found, you have to be attractive, which DM does with panache. In today’s world branding is of paramount importance. DM’s branding and aesthetics have taken from a local food consultant to being a leading international halal food catering business.

But in today’s world even dumb blondes don’t get a dance unless she’s smart. Other than beauty, site functionality, intelligent design, easy to navigate features as also style score high. And not surprising, that too is right up DM’s alley.

DM’s core team are high achievers with an average experience of 12 years bringing complimentary skills to the table.

Joanne Lee – a Graduate in Product and Industrial Design from QUT Brisbane, developed a love and passion for internet technology which she is yet to outgrow. I the aesthetics’ of DM amaze you for their beauty and style, it is in no small measure to Joan’s eye for the finest which she picked up while designing jewelry for DeGems. Her team of 8 has a hard time matching up to her exacting tastes, buy hey isn’t that what mentoring is all about.

Steven is an accomplished hand at online marketing, social media and mobile advertising, having been at it for 16 years. He is an expert in digital marketing & gets regularly consulted by SMI / SME businesses. He is also a guru of sorts for corporate WeChat advertising & marketing and he is spearheading DM’s plans to move into the digital ‘wallet’ technology.

Darryl Yeoh is the master integrator combining programming skills across different platforms and systems. A geek in the real sense of the word, he is multi lingual as far as computer languages go speaking with a fluidity which belie his daftness at the human’s.

Wearing his VP technology tag lightly, Ken packs a mean punch when it comes to the business side. The easy glide of a website, is a reflection of his demented work ethic and genius. He single-handedly launched Celcom AirCash in 2009, the regions first USSD – based mobile commerce/wallet service, being totally responsible for the technical development of its entire m-commerce initiative covering product development, system integration, user experience interface, product service enhancements and research and development. He is a degree holder from Staffordshire University.

 Ong KY is a mechanical engineering major in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He is passionate about programming, QR solutions and internet of things.

DM was started with a genuine concern for helping people make it on the online platform. Our varied skills, expertise and commitment ensure restful nights for our clients.

One of DM’s many proud achievements is which grew from a small catering 1 truck enterprise to 4 trucks in a short 8 months. “Today, not a single day goes by without a catering event” is Joan’s contended boast. We have more than 300 such websites to should about! And the list is growing dazzlingly fast, but our team is more than up to it.
We even digitized Love says Steven tongue-in-cheek. Our unique solutions to vexing problems has earned DM the sobriquet of Digital Alchemists. A case in point is QashGift!

Forever on the hunt to make a difference, Joan spotted an opportunity in Gift Cards. She did not just digitize Gift Cards into QashGift but imaginatively added features that enhanced user experience bringing joy to both merchant and customer! A win-win situation which is DM’s motto in all their endeavors.

Thanks to DM’s combined talents, QashGift is well on its way to be a runaway success. The Gifting dilemma has been laid to rest for all practical purposes!

Further, our responsive team is always on their toes, incorporating the latest technologies, designs, style, functionality, etc in a bid to help our clients stay at the top of their game. With our unique complimenting talents, figuring on top of the search engines is a certainty. Steven fervently believes “We guarantee results, or we have no reason to exist” which sentiment Joan echoes.

Both Steven and Joan see their websites as a 24/7 tireless salesman – indefatigable and charming. Other than that, our clients also save on full time designers, programmers and mostly on man hours gone in supervising such staff. Our unique billing system kills any goof-off time and client’s pay for the exact hours of the service rendered successfully in a win – win situation. All that the client has to do is focus on his business and leave the online presence in our capable hands.

But the story doesn’t end there. After having built a kick-ass website that delivers on all client parameters, we also train so that clients may take care of their websites’ themselves, lowering monthly outflows.

Why pay for ads, when we can SEO your business to the top” is what we always tell our clients. We offer you the most comprehensive web solutions at unmatched prices. “We strive for your success; as your success is our success” chime the trio of OngDarryl and Ken in unison.

In the internet age, what you lose in perfection, you make up in speed. But for the DM group, perfection and speed go hand in hand. A case in point is the Kemuncak website built in a flat one week meeting all client specifications and classy in design as well. Joan says the clients must be able to do business immediately and should not be made to wait for a month. So she has a model wherein even the most complex of websites get delivered within a week!

With our crack team of designers, developers, programmers DM is at the forefront of the web 2.0 revolution. To find out how we can help zoom your business to the stratosphere do call or email us for a quote.

The Vape Embassy Write Up

Vape, vaper, vaping, PV, juice, cart, mod, atomizer – these are the vaping jargon’s, the lingua franca of the Vapers and if you don’t know what that means, I don’t blame you. For until a few months ago, neither did I. ‘Vape’ by the way was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2014.

Without further ado, Vaping is the act of a person using a personal vaporizer or PV commonly referred to as an e-cigarette. And going by the looks of it, it is more than a passing fad and is here to stay.

Jeffrey Wong stumbled on it quite by accident and his keen business instinct detected a huge market potentiality. Jeffrey had been a cigar smoker for last 25 years and his attempts to leave it resulted in his becoming a vaper.

Every generation have their own thing and the second decade of this new millennium, a purportedly passing phase has stayed on to become the Vapers. Vaping has crept in from nowhere to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Jeffrey’s motive when he got into vaping was simple and pure – to replace his habit of smoking cigars. But the businessman in him spotted an opportunity which and along with his partners, they found impossible to ignore. Getting curious they did a little math. The Malaysian Cigarette market being officially worth RM20 Billion (Not counting the illegal market), if only 10% want to quit smoking and if the vaper’s net only 5% of those wanting to quit, it’s still a staggering RM1 Billion Industry!!

Next he did a quick profiling of the end user. What he found, opened his eyes to the exciting new segment. Vapers are young geeks, very technology conscious and the cool ones wouldn’t be caught dead with anything but the latest vaping gadgets. It extends to other areas of their life too.

Depending on their purchasing station in life, they are on a constant upgrade mode. Unlike the smokers of old, they are health conscious, progressive and environment friendly, kinder to our primate friends and have a deep sense of self and destiny. They drive innovation but are sensitive and proud of their cultural heritages too.

They travel, mingle with all races, play soccer, climb mountains, are curious to a fault and rebels with causes. They are articulate, confident, they blog and yes they vote.

And unlike their parents who suffered from a generation gap, they cherish family outings. But of course they relish Vaper-community-time too!

And to his not-so-amazement, as he is a quick learner and trend-spotter, he found that Malaysia has the greatest number of Vapers in the world second only to the US going by population density ratio and the market is raring to go not only in Malaysia but the world!

Vaping, if you understand the technology, allows you to have control of your nicotine content. So heavy smokers who can’t wake up, function or even think without a cigarette between their lips are now switching to Vapes, gradually lowering the nicotine level with a view to ultimately kick the habit altogether.

But do they really succeed? Yes and not. Yes in the sense that eventually they are able to let go of the harmful nicotine altogether, but the act of vaping and the fruity flavor it leaves in their mouth so catches on, that they stay on.

Methodically researching other aspects of the industry trends as is his wont, he quickly knew exactly what he needed to do and what his focus areas should be. He found that there were all sort of hawkers peddling spurious stuff. Also since investment in this sector is low, anybody with a little money can get in and many do, for the love of the lucre.

So he built a brand “VAPE EMBASSY” which is a force to reckon with now, building in SOPs which resulted in consistent great quality juice (e-liquid). By developing a brand he built trust and using trust, he became a key player in the vaping industry and recognizing the world’s response to the vaping industry, they OEM the E-liquids under Vape Embassy’s brand.

Vape Embassy CEO Jeffrey Wong’s genuine concern for his customer’s health made him pack his juices in glass bottles, unlike the other stuff which interacts with the plastic bottles giving rise to harmful residues. Vape Embassy’s juices also boast of a long shelf life of at least 3 years because of the superior manufacturing standards and machinery while the plastic bottles’ flavor will start to vary within just 3 months.

His care for his end user, has him making sure their shops only sell the latest innovating fifth generation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS). But of course his ENDS deliver only delectable fruity concoctions.

Another insight he had, not difficult given his track record is that the juice (money) is in the juice (e-liquid). What he did differently was that he focused on selling it internationally and soon his orders from outside the country grew steadily. So much so that even though he is committed to build 4 boutique stores by this year end, there is not enough staffs to keep them going. He is now systematically cranking up smart partnerships in Penang, Kedah, Muar, etc which have shown strong interests.

Vape Embassy has at the moment two outlets in Metro Point Complex Kajang and Omin Original Snooker center in Damansara Perdana. Few more branches are set to open in other parts of the town too including working with established distributors already in the business and new entrepreneurs in training to set up northern and southern corridors into distribution hub. Knowing that e-cigarettes are all about getting colors, flavors and being able to fine tune the experience to your exact taste, they stock cool fruity, creamy, exotic stuff completely nicotine free with a range of cool mods. For the ladies, of course the bling mods are a stopper.

One man’s attempt to quit smoking, spun a whole new business for him out of nothing. Not bad, but no surprise either as the best business are built of hobbies or pet peeves. He had tried many times to quit smoking cigars but didn’t succeed. He still hasn’t succeeded, but this time he makes no attempt to, as he vapes fruity flavored VAPE EMBASSY E-liquids.

In closing, if I may say to cigarette smokers – May you stop smoking and lead a fuller & healthier life! May you be a vaper and not a smoker! May the force be with you! Happy Vaping!


We have written extensively on finding your skin typeanti-aging measures, complete skin care regimen and what have you.

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Along the way we have busted a few network marketing myths, alerted people to the deadly advertising blunders in digital marketing and cleared the air on MLM myths.

Picking up on the financial issues we had mentioned earlier, we had explored if MLM could be a good business to be in and highlighted the red flags to watch out for.

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